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Offers custom antibody testing using the latest EMD-Millipore ImageStreamX system.

This system can be used for simultaneous imaging flow cytometric analysis of various markers on cells using different color lasers. This allows the powerful ability to quantify markers at single cell level . It can also be used for analytical assays on cellular organelles, exosomes and other other small microparticles.


Monoclonal Antibodies Developed By BioClinova:

1.MyoD1 (for diagnosis of rhabdomyosarcomas).

2.AML-ETO (AML with t(8;21) translocation).

3.CBFB-MYHII (AML with inv(16).

4.TEL-AML (AML with t(12;21) translocation).

5.E2A-PBX, (ALL with t1;19) translocation.

6.TRB1 (Used in diabetes research).

7.Kallikrin 5 (potential marker for prostate cancer).

8.Ikaros; normal & mutated (mutated Ikaros is found in leukemia's).

9.CD31 (widely used vascular marker, useful marker for Kaposi Sarcoma).

10.Pokemon. A marker for poor prognosis tumors, especially breast cancer.

11.NeuroD1 ( a widely used marker for neurogenesis, used in Type 1 diabetes.

12.TRB3 (Used in diabetes research).

13.PCIF1 (useful biomarker in pancreatic islet development).

14.Myogenin (diagnostic for alveolar rhabdomyosarcomas).

15.Sox 17 (a widely used marker in stem cell development).

16.HGH (suspected to be abnormally expressed in diabetes).

17.Neuropilin 1 (predicted to be widely involved in numerous diseases including cancers (a marker of poor prognosis cancers), in TID, T2D diabetes, in lupus, MS.


Antibody Products Under Development:


  • GK1.5 anti-CD4  
  • C17.8 anti IL12
  • FGK45 anti CD40
  • 2.43 anti XCD8a
  • Rat Ig
  • PD-1 RPM1.14
  • M1H5 anti PDL-1
  • JES-5 anti IL10
  • XMG 1.2 anti-gamma interferon
  • 1-9E10 anti Myc tag
  • CT14-G4.3 anti Myc non tag
  • Myogenin
  • H57-597 anti alpha beta T cells rec.
  • ND1, MyoD1, PKM, NP1, TRB 1&3