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About Us

What We Focus On

  • Bio (Biology) Cli (clinical) Nova (Novel, new, post genomic revolution)!
  • Bio Harnessing biological data from the post genomic revolution
  • Cli develop novel reagents for use in the clinical arena..
  • Nova enable our understanding of the pathology of diseases,   to improve the accuracy of diagnosis & monitoring of diseases and aid in the selecting optimal therapy for patients.


Who We Are

  • Bioclinova founded in 2002.
  • Founded by : Dr Peter Dias and  Dr Sally Sarawar
  • Board of Directors:  Peter Dias, Michael Giske, Sally Sarawar, Josephine Dias


Company Contacts

    Email Contact:
    Phone Contact:     +001 (760) 807-6699
      Address:      1692 Ord Way, Oceanside, CA 92056